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Our organic Tequilas are made only in small batches. We use the finest single estate 100% organic Weber Blue Agave plants. 
Our Tequilas have the USDA and the OKO Garantie certification, which ensures the highest order of Tequila purity and quality.

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Olamendi's Organic Blanco

100% Organic Silver Tequila

A delicious, rich and fruity, very well balanced silver Tequila. 

Color: Brilliant silver, clear with a platinum hue

Aroma: Subtle with a hint of oak

Flavor: Pure, clean & crisp

Finish: Uniquely smooth with fruit and spice fade and a touch of drying tannin

Serving suggestion: Pure or as a Margarita

Olamendi's Organic Anejo

100% Organic Gold Tequila

Aged 5 years in white oak casks, this golden Tequila is a fantastic sipping Tequila.

It will give any premium Margarita a distinct and exclusive taste. 

Color: Rich golden amber

Aroma:  Vibrant aromas of roasted coconut, tropical fruit, leather and brown spice

Flavor: Complex agave

Finish: Velvety smooth

Olamendi's Ultra Aged Anejo

100% Organic Dark Gold

Connoisseur Edition

Aged 10 years in French white oak barrels. 

This dark golden Tequila is the smoothest organic sipping Tequila on the market. Its excepional full-bodied taste, unmistakable aroma and inspiring depth make the degustation of this Tequila an incomparable experience for the Tequila connoisseur. 

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