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Olamendi’s Tequila

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About Olamendi’s Tequila

Our Background

The search for the best Tequila in the world began decades ago.
Don Jorge Olamendi tasted hundreds of Tequilas, visited many agave plantations and thus became a true Tequila Connoisseur. He realized that the secret for a truly great Tequila starts at the source - the plantation. Only agave plants that can grow without the use of pesticides and other chemicals can be used to make a truly ultra premium and pure organic Tequila.

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The Plantation

Where does our organic Tequila come from?

Olamendi's Organic Tequila is made from ony the finest 100% Blue Weber Agave plants growing in 2,000 acres of certified organic agave plants along the cost of Jalisco, Mexico. 

The agave plant has to wait 7 years until maturation so it can be used for production. However, 10 years is the premium time for an agave to reach its ripest stage. Waiting this long guarantees the best sugar levels for the plant to be ready for "jima", which is the process of removing agave leaves and making the root come loose. 

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